Three Facilitated Workshops – WORKSHOP #2

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[Three Facilitated WorkshopsWORKSHOP #2]

Event description:

April 8,* 24 p.m. (Zoom) 

*Alternative date if the in-person event on April 6, 2–4 p.m. cannot be held.

Participants: 5 Administrators / Staff, 5 Faculty, ideally from workshop #1, and 10 Students

Three Facilitated Workshops focus on the impact of food and housing precarity on the well-being of students at Kingsborough Community College. The first two workshops use Intergroup Dialogue, a deep listening practice that highlights similarities and fosters understanding among different groups. The third workshop will be open to the public.

To register please RSVP to Susan Jahoda ( 

Indicate which workshop(s) you will be attending.

BFAMFAPhD is a collective that formed in 2012 to make art, reports, and teaching tools to advocate for cultural equity in the United States. The work of the collective is to bring people together to analyze and reimagine relationships of power in the arts. Among the group’s core members are Susan Jahoda, Agnes Szanyi, Vicky Virgin, and Caroline Woolard.

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