Michael Corris

INCIDENT ON THE STREET: A WORKBOOK (2021) by Michael Corris and Willie Baronet

Artist and art writer Michael Corris developed an essayistic practice where work was created collaboratively and distributed through various self-managed, artist-run publications. Guided by the idea of versatility—using art expressions beyond the constraints of conventional disciplinary boundaries or methodologies—Corris engages his audience critically with their life circumstances. For Incident on the Street: A Workbook, he collaborated with Willie Baronet, using Baronet’s homeless sign collection (some of them on view in this gallery as part of We Are All Homeless). 

The project was conceived as a teaching aid and a resource. Featuring photographs of the signs produced by homeless people, the workbook encourages people to contemplate the nature of homelessness and to respond to the images with questions that might provoke rethinking some of their preconceived notions of homelessness. The zine also includes contact information for selected organizations involved with the complex issues that constitute homelessness. These organizations can serve as points of contact for volunteer work or other support, as well as potential partners for activists.

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