Bibi Calderaro


Bibi Calderaro is an artist and educator who engages in transdisciplinary practice in order to expand her audience’s perceptual capacities to foster reciprocal, diverse, and ethical relationships among life forms. Her work aims at building ecological solidarity within and beyond humanity. Ignea: An Exchange About Nesting Technologies gathers audiences around a built fire to talk about possible ways to inhabit the planet, taking into account its scale, interdependencies, and temporalities. It proposes to rethink humanity’s relationship with fire, energy, and consumption.

Given the co-evolution of humans and technology, Ignea highlights difference and reciprocity in order to kindle the emergence of appropriately scaled technologies for co-inhabitation. Instead of burning the guts of the planet toward sustaining homing infrastructures and asymmetrical power structures based on relentless extractive inequities, nesting technologies propose that audiences open up their thinking and engage with humans and non-humans who also make this planet their home. Noting that lives’ paths are constant dynamic networks with pasts-presents-futures, nesting technologies consider multiple temporalities and their implications in sharing and tending to and propose to lean instead of settle. Focusing on frugality and fragility, nesting recognizes the vulnerability, preciousness, and magic of the web of life.

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